Frederick John Skill ‘The Lord Dundreary "Proposing" [1]’ (LD001)
The Lord Dundreary "Proposing" [1]
110 mm x 153 mm / 4"11 x 6"1
Illustration appears on:
verso opp. p. 209
Illustration no.:
1 / 2
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No border. Full page. Caption reads: ' "Any fellah feelth nervous when he knowth he'th going to make an ath of himthelf." (See Mr. Southern in the character, and a letter from his Lordship at p. 213)'. Illustration listed as p. 213 on contents page. Note: continuing 'work' by character. Lord Dundreary, a character from Tom Taylor's play 'Our American Cousin' (1858), made famous by Edward Askew Sothern's performance, appears throughout the volume in various stories and sketches.