D. J. Anderson ‘The "London Ordinary."—A Sketch at Brighton’ (BIOS002)
container made of plant material other than wood: basket clothes, costume (+ women's clothes) umbrella the arts; artists (+ later developments) visiting; receiving guests; elegant company crafts and industries (+ product ~ crafts, industries, agriculture) modern division of historical epochs ~ centuries (XIX) brothers or sisters (second degree family relationships) hut, cabin, lodge mug, beaker, goblet the ages of man (+ more than eight persons) sitting figure names of cities and villages (BRIGHTON) sea (seascape) moustache tobacco (+ taking (particular) foodstuffs: eating, drinking, smoking, chewing, etc.) fence, wall, paling selling merchant, salesman civic architecture; edifices; dwellings adult man coat, cape sailing-ship, sailing-boat parts of ship's exterior (PADDLE) carrying something (+ variant) the family travelling, on holiday in or beside the water (on the beach) daughter (first degree family relationships) son (first degree family relationships) head-gear: hat coast eating clothes, costume (+ men's clothes) drinking crowd, mob parts of ship's exterior (OAR) picnic, alfresco, 'déjeuner sur l'herbe' child working class, labourers the rich buying boat propelled by man or animal beach (as place of recreation) marriage, married couple, 'matrimonium' cup city-view, and landscape with man-made constructions purse, money-bag father (first degree family relationships) summer, 'Aestas'; 'Estate' (Ripa) father with son(s) and daughter(s) (father-love) beer, ale modern division of historical epochs ~ centuries (VICTORIAN) walking adult woman