William McConnell ‘London in 1862’ (LHF023)
fashion, clothing maps, atlases umbrella the arts; artists (+ later developments) names of cities and villages (with NAME) exhibition ~ art geographical names of countries, regions, mountains, rivers, etc. (SCOTLAND) (SCOTLAND) child luggage, travel requisites horse bus, coach the ages of man (+ more than eight persons) moustache avenue, boulevard, promenade, esplanade street fashion, clothing (+ worn or torn clothes) policeman, constable firearms: rifle (playing with) toys Asiatic races and peoples: Indians standing on the head or on the hands whip adult man adult woman running street lighting handkerchief Asiatic races and peoples (with NAME) book tobacco (+ taking (particular) foodstuffs: eating, drinking, smoking, chewing, etc.) firearms (with NAME) clothes, costume (+ men's clothes) Africans (with NAME) crowd, mob clothes for official occasions bag pedlar clothes, costume (+ women's clothes) working class, labourers the rich American negroes Asiatic races and peoples (with NAME) the soldier; the soldier's life Asiatic races and peoples: Persians landscapes styles in the fine arts (+ Islamic art) Asiatic races and peoples (with NAME) advertising gas extracted from the ground Asiatic races and peoples: Turks saddle and bridle (saddlery) modern division of historical epochs ~ centuries (with Roman NUMBER of century) container of paper, cardboard: bag, carton Asiatic races and peoples (with NAME) container of leather: leather bag container of textile material: bag, sack, net gloves, mittens, etc. head-gear: hat fashion imperialism clothes, costume