Searching and Browsing Records

DMVI enables users to locate records in a variety of straightforward ways: by a Keyword Search that spans multiple fields, by a combined Advanced Search, and by Browsing Iconographical terms. In addition to providing search fields (enabling both the entry of free text, selection from drop-down menus, and clicking through hierarchies), the Search and Browse pages also provide contextual help via highlighted field names.

* Users have the choice to include or exclude hyphens and apostrophes when searching, as this will not affect the query: e.g. you can opt to search for 'horse-racing' or 'horse racing'.

Keyword Search

Keyword searches allow for the most basic and wide-ranging of queries, enabling users to search across all fields for a particular term or set of terms drawn from Author, Illustrator, Engraver, Titles of Illustrations, Works, or Source Texts, Publishers' and Printers' Imprints, and Iconographic terms.

Representative examples include: